Paying Bills? Do it The Frugal Way!

Be Frugal When it Comes to Paying Bills! Almost every adult at one point has dreaded paying their monthly bills.  I mean, it makes sense because not every individual has a game plan when it comes to paying bills. But you, you’re different. You’re either already frugal or starting to get familiar with it. Nonetheless, I’ve got some tips for […]

Cheapest Flying Days

Frugal Living, Aren’t We? At some point of time, everyone’s got to catch a flight to get somewhere. Even if you are frugal living, taking the airplane can still cost you a bit of money. As you might be thinking, there is no exact way to predict the price of the ticket on the day you […]

Frugal Living

Frugal Living Tips For this article, I’m going to get as frugal living as possible. In fact, I got something really nice for you guys!  It’s a list of some frugal living tips that I think every person should consider. As a side note, none of these points are in any kind of particular order, so just […]

How To Make More Money

Making More Money Interested in learning about how to make more money? But wait, I thought this was strictly about being frugal, and only spending money on what’s needed? Well look, here’s the deal: being frugal revolves around using your money appropriately and prioritizing it. In other words, you’re trying to minimize your consumer footprint. When […]

Budgeting For College Students

Saving Money Budgeting for college students is without a doubt one of most informative ways to learn about your personal finances. After-all, we already know that higher education can be an expensive journey. Before we go deeper into budgeting, let’s talk about saving money. In other words, I’ll give you some tips about how college […]

Traveling Tips

How to Travel for Cheap  Need some traveling tips? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Some people don’t realize that when they go travel to different countries, they spend more money than they originally budget for. Of course, this can be linked to multiple factors. The good news is that most of this can be avoided, […]

Saving Money Tips

Part of frugal living is to know how to use your money properly. But sometimes, that isn’t just enough. So, I’ll provide some saving money tips to help you on your frugal journey.  Oh, your bank account can also thank me later. #1: Create a Budget You might be tired of hearing budgets all the time, that’s […]

Tax Free Income

Disclaimer: The TFSA only applies to those who live in Canada and are above the age of 18. Tax Free? Taxes can take a hefty amount of money from your savings. Oh, not to mention, the compound impact over-time can also put some obstacles in your way of reaching your financial goals. This article is […]

Best Money Saving Apps

How to Save Money When we talk about how to save money, you probably didn’t think of using apps as a way to stretch your dollar, did you?  Well, don’t stress it. In the world today, technology is almost critical to function so why not use apps as a way to become even more frugal? Disclaimer: This list is […]

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