Budgeting For College Students

Saving Money Budgeting for college students is without a doubt one of most informative ways to learn about your personal finances. After-all, we already know that higher education can be an expensive journey. Before we go deeper into budgeting, let’s talk about saving money. In other words, I’ll give you some tips about how college […]

Traveling Tips

How to Travel for Cheap  Need some traveling tips? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Some people don’t realize that when they go travel to different countries, they spend more money than they originally budget for. Of course, this can be linked to multiple factors. The good news is that most of this can be avoided, […]

Black Friday Sales

What Black Friday Means When we talk about Black Friday sales, we refer to the special time of saving money. This usually takes places on the day after the U.S Thanksgiving holiday. However, that doesn’t mean it’s just limited to the U.S. With the increasing popularity of Black Friday, many countries have adopted this special […]

Saving Money Tips

Part of frugal living is to know how to use your money properly. But sometimes, that isn’t just enough. So, I’ll provide some saving money tips to help you on your frugal journey.  Oh, your bank account can also thank me later. #1: Create a Budget You might be tired of hearing budgets all the time, that’s […]

Tax Free Income

Disclaimer: The TFSA only applies to those who live in Canada and are above the age of 18. Tax Free? Taxes can take a hefty amount of money from your savings. Oh, not to mention, the compound impact over-time can also put some obstacles in your way of reaching your financial goals. This article is […]

Best Money Saving Apps

How to Save Money When we talk about how to save money, you probably didn’t think of using apps as a way to stretch your dollar, did you?  Well, don’t stress it. In the world today, technology is almost critical to function so why not use apps as a way to become even more frugal? Disclaimer: This list is […]

Cheap Places to Travel

Cheap places to travel sounds like a dream, right? After-all, who doesn’t like to explore and try new stuff while still having some money left over in the bank. So, let me take you through some smart travel places you can go to, while also being on the frugal side. Let’s begin with the first destination on […]

How to Budget

Knowing how to budget is crucial if you are frugal living. Not only does it help paint a clear picture of your finances, but as a frugal person, it’ll help you prioritize your money and resources. So, let’s get started with some basics!  How to Budget– Some Definitions Fixed Expense: expenses that stay the same over time.  […]

Travel On a Budget

How to Budget Travel to cheap destinations and during off-seasons. Travel on a budget? Let’s start off with the basics: travel to a cheap destination (my next post will introduce some actual countries that frugal people will like!). Some places are generally considered to be cheaper than others. This can be due to airline tickets, food, and other […]

Want to Be Frugal? TryFrugal!

Frugal living is something that you may possibly practice or even know in your day to day life.  Well if not, don’t worry! My name is Hasan and I am the author of TryFrugal.Com. The aim of this site is to provide you information with everything related on how to be frugal. But before we go in […]

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