Paying Bills

Paying Bills? Do it The Frugal Way!

Be Frugal When it Comes to Paying Bills!

Almost every adult at one point has dreaded paying their monthly bills.  I mean, it makes sense because not every individual has a game plan when it comes to paying bills.

But you, you’re different. You’re either already frugal or starting to get familiar with it. Nonetheless, I’ve got some tips for you so that your expenses aren’t too high.

Monthly Bills

Look over your phone plan and see what’s on the market

Monthly bills such as your phone can be expensive. In order to reduce this, you can compare what the market currently offers. Make a note of what other providers are offering and see if you can transfer over.

In certain scenarios, some companies can be lenient and give the buyer additional features such as more data, reduce the monthly tab on the phone, or buy your old phone so you can get more value out of your dollar.

However, there is also an alternative route as well. You can buy a phone from somewhere else and use the bring your own phone (BYOB) plan resulting in your bill to be more affordable. Or, even find a budgeable phone carrier, but be aware that the quality won’t be as good.

Buy the non-branded product in the market 

This one isn’t necessarily tied to paying bills, but it’s still relatable regardless. Whenever you’re shopping for stuff, like groceries for example, see if you can buy the non-named brand.

They are definitely more affordable. While groceries aren’t a bill, they still are connected to your budget. So, minimizing these costs can also impact your monthly bills in a positive way.

Use energy efficient products to lower your monthly bills!

Using energy efficient items is a smart way to get a more bang out of your buck. Some energy efficient items include clothes dryers, clothes washers, dish washer, light bulbs, and refrigerators. 

Just to clarify, make sure any appliance you buy is also energy star labeled. These products are certified and use less energy than other models meaning your bill will also be lighter.

Do you have insurance? What are the prices?

Insurance is sometimes necessary. Regardless for whatever it is, see if there are any lower prices that other companies offer. In fact, for new drivers, taking drivers ed and other classes is one way to reduce your car insurance.

What are your expenses? Write them down!

If you are really having a hard time paying bills, then go grab a paper/pencil and jot down all of your expenses. See whatever one you can substitute or get rid of altogether. 

The main goal here is cut some expenses out so you can use that money to put towards your monthly bills.

Paying Bills: The Most Important Thing

So, I’ve given you a couple of pointers when it comes to paying your monthly bills. But here’s something I want you to keep with you: make sure to pay your bills on time! 

Even if you can’t reduce your bill through frugal ways, try your best to pay it on the due date. The reason being is that certain things charge interest for day(s) not paid. In other ways, you’ll be paying more money.

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